Asher Yatzar

Take 20 seconds to say thanks to Hashem.

Dear Friends,

What could be more awesome than the gift of life? What could be more exquisitely designed than the human body? A full appreciation for this incomparable Divine gift is one of the key aspects of living a life filled with gratitude and closeness to Hashem.

That is why Rabbi Yonatan Sandler, H’YD, one of the Kedoshim murdered in the terrible shooting in Toulouse, France a few months ago, had enthusiastically embarked on teaching the brocha of Asher Yotzar to his students and his kehilla shortly before he and his sons and Miriam Monsonego the daughter of Rabbi Monsonego, were so brutally murdered. (Please see the enclosed letter from his almana, Eva.)

The posters and wallet-sized cards which the Sandler family utilized in order to open their community’s hearts to this brocha were produced by an organization called Chaim Shel Brocha. This organization has been producing and distributing Asher Yotzar posters and cards by the thousands, inspiring a new, heightened awareness of this brocha in all of its impact and beauty. This has literally given thousands of people a powerful means by which to renew their appreciation for life itself.

With full-color graphics that draw the viewer’s attention to the meaning of the brocha and the correct way to recite it, these posters and wallet cards have become integral to chinuch at homes and in schools. Because of the unique power of this brocha to bring refuah to those who are ill, Chaim Shel Brocha’s materials have been distributed by friends and families of cholim around the world.

Now, we are turning to you to help us expand our reach, in keeping with the request of the Mrs. Sandler and, as mentioned in her letter, HaRav Lau, shlit’a, of Yerushalyim. By perpetuating the mitzvah she and her husband had embarked upon together, Mrs. Sandler hopes to perpetuate the family’s name, which has been cut off by the murder of her husband and their two only sons, Aryeh Alexander and Gavriel Yissachar HY”D. Filled with bitochon and faith in Hashem, she is seeking to turn her devastating loss into a vehicle to inspire and elevate others.

Our goal is to have an Asher Yotzar poster in every home, school and shul, and an Asher Yotzar card in every wallet. With hundreds of thousands of brochos pouring out of Klal Yisrael each day, declaring our belief that Hashem is the architect of life, we will no doubt draw abundant brocha from the Heavens into our lives and our world.

Please heed the call of this courageous almana, along with her bereaved father-in-law, Rabbi Shlomo Sandler, who has lost his only son. On their behalf, we urge you to generously support our effort to support the work of Chaim Shel Brocha “lilui nishmasom,” and help to link their holy neshamos forever with the utmost expression of gratitude to our Maker.

Please send your tax-deductable donation in memory of Rabbi Yonatan Sandler and his sons to:

“Jewish Foundations”
10 Wallenberg Circle
Monsey, NY 10952.

To inquire about dedicating posters to family or friends in need of a refuah, or l’ilui nishmasam, please contact us at 845-352-0111. May your participation in this project be a zechus for long life, good health and happiness for you and your loved ones.